Your safety is our priority


For the ultimate in lightweight shoring that allows installation by hand, or the ability to create custom shoring to match your job site conditions, Kundel has the solution.

Our robust Hydro Jacks offer you a variety of working configurations and the ultimate in durability and performance.

Hydraulic Aluminum Shoring
A lightweight, versatile shoring system designed to offer unmatched safety in the trench.
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Your Safety is Our Priority
A modular safety shoring system designed to increase productivity in the trench.
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Your Safety is Our Priority
The ultimate, high-strength safety shoring system for maximum productivity.
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In the business for more than 30 years


Our patent pending hydraulic spreader lock system is designed to engage and secure spreader in a fixed position.

Robust Components

Oversized piston rod with triple seal technology (1, 2, 3) greatly reducing costly leaks and downtime. Inner tube is drawn over mandrel for a tight fit.

Safety Finger Guard

Oversized safety finger guards (1, 2) help avoid potential pinch points while keeping connections clean.

Big-block Standoff

Oversized standoffs keep your jacks operating clean and keep dirt from slowing production down.

Piston Adjustability

Unique piston rod design can be adjusted up to 20 inches.

Our systems are not only safer and more flexible than any other product on the market, but also offer increased adjustable spreader widths allowing you to use the system on more jobs.

Industry Applications

TrenchJacks™ has been designing and manufacturing safety shoring equipment for more than 30 years.

We understand your needs and safety requirements inside the trench. Our systems are load tested and safety certified to meet or exceed OSHA standards.

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