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HydroJack is a modular safety shoring system designed to increase productivity in the trench. Side panels come fastened to HydroJack systems. Systems come with eight corner panel reinforcements for maximum durability and strength.

Certified hydraulic HydroJack kits have the option to come with our patent pending TrenchLock safety system. Included in each kit are a hydraulic pump and hoses. HydroJack’s features increase safety, productivity and versatility inside the trench.

Shown with Optional Accessories


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The optional TrenchLock safety system is a robust locking mechanism designed to secure spreader bars in place.

TrenchLock provides maximum safety and protection while working in the trench. Pump the TrenchJack out to your desired width and easily lock and secure the piston rod, in place, using our patent pending TrenchLock system.

Big-block Standoff

Traditional Hydraulic Aluminum Shoring systems have high tolerance spreader-to-side rail connections. We call this a small block standoff. When dirt falls into this connection, it creates more resistance and becomes harder to use.

Our big block standoff design allows dirt to fall through the connection and to keep everything running smoothly. The big block standoff increases productivity and comes standard with our systems.

Increase job safety with our finger guard system

Hydraulic spreader blocks come standard with a safety finger guard system. Never again stress about pinching your fingers between the spreader block and rail system.

Our clean connections and safety systems give you maximum productivity inside the trench. Our finger guard simply lets you get things done worry-free.

Robust Piston Rods

Oversized, robust piston rods increase the durability and longevity of our systems. When in use, you can safely secure pistons in place using our patent pending TrenchLock system.

Each piston hydraulic fitting is triple sealed to reduce hydraulic leaks and maximize uptime giving you Certified Hydraulic Power!

Choose the right kit size for your job

There are many kit sizes to choose from. The system size you choose depends on the soil type, maximum depth, maximum width and more.

If you want to speak with a shoring specialist about selecting the correct size, please contact us at +1(307) 262-1070.

Heavy duty lifting lugs

Lifting lugs can be attached to light machinery, using our certified lifting slings. Robust, solid steel lifting lugs.

Lifting lugs can be used with our certified slings to quickly insert and remove systems from your shoring operation.

Corner guards increase sidewall strength

1/8″ solid steel corner guards strengthen and protect HydroJack and HydroShore sidewalls.

Each sidewall features four moisture and impact resistant corner guards. Corner guards provide the systems sidewalls higher strength than conventional sidewalls.

Intuitive owners manual

Each system comes complete with an owner’s manual and tabulated data. Inside the owner’s manual, you will learn how to install and remove your system, care for your system, maintain your system and adjust your system to meet your job requirements.

Add-on to an existing system to make it more job versatile

HydroJack systems can be used for many of your shoring jobs. Make your HydroJack more job versatile by purchasing the items below:

Locking Extension Kit
Standard Extension Kit
Side Rail KitsSide Panel Kits
Corner Guard Kits

Hydraulic Pump Kit
Insert / Removal Rod Kits
Hydraulic Hose Kit
Rigging Kits