Aluminum Trench Boxes for Sewer and Waterline Maintenance and Repair Applications



A lightweight, modular solution offering customized vertical adjustment in the trench. Our patented V-Panel is the only aluminum extruded panel in the industry with ‘on the fly’ independent, vertical adjustment. It’s ideal for congested utility areas. Each panel can be individually adjusted (up and down) without leaving the ditch to accommodate any pipe configuration.

Features & Benefits

Easily adjustable
Easily adjust each vertical panel up and down without having to pull out your box when encountering crossing utilities.
Effortless drive
Each panel comes with attachable/detachable steel knife edge and tamping pad, making it almost effortless to drive panels in the ground.
Close offf open ends
End brackets can be quickly attached to the square steel spreader, and a vertical panel then attached, to close off one or both ends of the shield.
Easy to lift and move around on the job site
The versatility of the movable shore panels allows you to work around existing utilities or T-off from your main trench in safety.
Protect your workers
Variable width durable panels at the end of each box will protect your workers.
Adjustable V-Panel
Lightweight and durable extruded aluminum panels with a steel knife edge at the bottom and a steel tamping block at the top. The clamping design allows for vertical movement of the panel in the trench, allowing you to work around any preexisting utility configuration.
Pin-less Design
The V-Panel was designed to easily adjust by partially unscrewing two bolts to reposition each single panel, then tightening to complete the adjustment. The pin-less design means less to keep track of and less worry in the ditch.
Horizontal Frame
Aluminum walers combined with steel telescoping end beams gives you variable width adjustment.
Knife Edge
The all-steel knife edge allows you to cut smoothly into the soil, making driving the panels easy.
Technical Data
Primary Uses
Congested Utility and Spot Repair
Excavator Weight Range
Mini Excav. to 20K
Panel Heights
6’, 8’, 10’ and 12’
Panel Lengths
6’, 8’, 10’ and 12’
Production Depth
9’ to 20’
Side Wall
– 2-1/2” Vertical